Lessons in building a team

Lessons in building a team


Peter is an award-winning CEO, speaker, and innovator. Greystone Technology, his technology services provider recognized nationally for their innovative client services model, unique company culture, rapid client acquisition, and consistent retention. Peter co-founded Greystone at age 20 and has built it from being the sole technician to employing over 85 team members and being annually recognized as one of Denver’s Top Workplaces. Greystone has used innovation in the sales, service, and employment experiences to average 40% annual growth for the past 14 years.

Peter provides engaging education punctuated by humorous and meaningful stories to bridge the seemingly impossible gaps between companies and employees.


Peter shares the stories and lessons from his experience going from micromanaging mediocre performers to building a team of 100 self-accountable, driven team members. Greystone credits this shift as the biggest key in transitioning from $1M to $10M in annual service revenue and landing on the Inc 5000 list of fastest growing companies for the past five years. Learn Greystone’s radically unique, yet simple strategy to hire, retain and inspire the best - even when the competition for talent is fierce. Get the team members your competitors are fighting for and get them doing the right things without nagging.


  • Team education: 60 minutes

  • Conference session: 30-60 minutes

  • Corporate Workshop: 2-4 hours

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